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Saving 1 dental office every 5 miles in the United States.

Our Beliefs:

  • Dentists are trained to be great dentists and not necessarily great business people

  • Dental practices should be owned by dentists & managed by dentists

  • A successful practice is built on the right mix of new patients and returning patients

  • Patients decide whether they want to come back or refer their friends & family before they have ever received any dental work

  • Waste, idle time and lack of training are having a significant negative financial impact on the entire staff of a dental office

  • At Sunrise Benefits, dental care should be diagnosed and directed by the dentists in the office, not in some corporate facility. This is why we only work with offices that are owned and run by licensed dentists.

    Of course running a dental office does require exceptional business skills. At Sunrise Benefits you will have access to both dental and business professionals who will prepare and support you through even the most daunting of excercises.

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