At Sunrise Benefits, dental care should be diagnosed and directed by the dentists in the office, not in some corporate facility. This is why we only work with offices that are owned and run by licensed dentists.

Of course running a dental office does require exceptional business skills. At Sunrise Benefits you will have access to both dental and business professionals who will prepare and support you through even the most daunting of tasks.

Sunrise Benefits was founded on the principle of Saving 1 dental office every 5 miles in the United States. We believe that most dentists graduate dental school with the idea of owning their own practice, building a client base that will remain with them for years, and selling their practice to a future graduate of dental school.

However, we realize that this dream may be very difficult to achieve for most dental professionals for many reasons:

  • The average graduate is $500,000 in debt before they have ever seen their first patient!
  • Dental schools teach people how to be great dentists, but neglect to teach them how to be great business people.
  • Dentists are working more years to “secure” their retirement making the desirable practices available for sale harder to find.
  • The average consumer no longer takes the dental license as proof of good dental skills, but relies on the internet, recommendation from friends and co-workers and advertising campaigns.
  • Consumers want Ferrari level treatment at Ford Fiesta pricing.
  • Consumers are looking for one-stop-shop locations with comprehensive dentistry at non-traditional days and times.
  • DPM’s (Dental Practice Management)/DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) are out-spending, out-marketing and lowering the cost structures of dentistry to nearly unprofitable levels.
  • DPM’s/DSO’s are focused on making huge profits for their corporate owners rather than enriching the lives of the dentists that are doing all of the work.
  • Staff including associate dentists have become self-serving focusing on the “what is in it for me” rather than focusing on what is right for the patient and the practice.
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